Malaria or dengue?

Another day lost to illness. Yesterday I could handle a bit of tourism (with the help of my friend ibuprofen) but this morning I woke up with a bit of a fever. Even though I'm quite certain I caught this flu of somebody I ran to Wikipedia to look up the symptoms of malaria and dengue (only contagious via mosquitoes, not person-to-person). Yes, I have both.

After the first ibuprofen of the day the fever completely disappeared. Cured! I remember a similar miracle cure from altitude sickness crossing a 4000m altitude border from Argentina to Chile - I was reading a mountaineer's medical handbook and started experiencing all the symptoms as I read about them (despite the fact that mountain sickness symptoms start about 6h after high altitude is reached). When I put the book down the symptoms slowly receded.

Still got a nasty flu though, so took it easy dozing round the hotel while Esther and the kids had a massage. We wanted to have lunch at a restaurant/charity that trains, employs and helps kids who lived at the city dump, followed by a visit to the grand palace but I thought it would be better to take it easy. On our return to Phnom Penh we can spend 2 nights instead of 1 and wrap up unfinished business.

In the evening we went to the most kid-friendly bar/restaurant I have ever seen. Sandpit, playhouse, children's menu, even a nappy changer in the bathroom. The kids spent hours there while we lazed on the sofas. Lucas did not fall on his knee today.

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