By the rapids

We had looked at some of the tours yesterday: local natural park, waterfalls, sunset river cruise, salt flats, pepper plantations, fishing village... but getting up before 8 followed by a whole day moving around sounded a bit harsh on the kids so we decided to go at it alone. On one hand it's a shame because the tours are good value for money and you get to see a lot. On the other we had a great day, were completely relaxed, and didn't see a single Westerner. We hired a tuk-tuk for a return journey to the Tek Chhou rapids about 8km out of town. It's popular with the locals and has eateries and food vendors. You hire an open hut with 3 hammocks and a tire inner tube and just spend the day lazing about, eating (our first experience of real Cambodian food) and splashing about.

Virtually cured of my nasty cold today. So far, touch wood, nobody else has caught it.

We have decided to move. Our current hotel is great but there is another place just out of town, in the countryside, which everybody is raving about and is great for families. It was our first choice but was fully booked these last two days. If we like it there we may stay an extra day and shave a day off the next stop (Sihanoukville).

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