Kep's shelfish extravaganza

Kep is a small coastal village not far from Kampot which boasts a small beach and "Cambodia's best seafood". We booked a taxi for the day to take us around as there were some detours we wanted to do on the way back. The beach has recently had new sand dumped on it, blindingly white. Had a great run around and a swim (temperature was to Aisha's standards) and then rushed to the crab market restaurants in case they closed at 2.

Silly optimist me, Cambodia's best seafood does not actually mean it's anywhere close to Spanish standards. So instead of the expected fare we tasted the delights of the common crab and prawn. In pepper obviously. It was all actually quite nice, but I must say I hoped for something more exotic. Well, apparently there are lobsters in New Zealand, so we'll try again there.

The highlight of the day was what came next though. We had arranged a short boat trip with a local fisherman. Neither he nor his mates spoke any English but that didn't stop him. Two of his little daughters came on board for the ride as well, and played with out two. From his hut on the edge of a salt field we followed a small stream out to sea, by the mangroves. We got a glimpse of how people really live out here, and even though it's pretty harsh everybody is pretty happy.

We stopped the boat for a small walk. One of the fishermen dug a big hole, but we're not really sure what for. Our host kept on mentioning the number 10, which either meant he had 10 children, his eldest daughter was 10, or his wife was 10 months pregnant (!). We met her later counting crabs and getting them ready for market. Lucas was very brave and held some (by a string).

Tonight is our last night here. Esther is getting outnumbered, even Lucas is asking for civilisation now. Probably more to do with the fact that many of the expat kids have gone back to Phnom Penh after the weekend. It's not been that bad - we have moved hut and now even have hot water. Tomorrow we have a late bus to Sihanoukville, a town by the sea with a bit of beach.

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