Backpacker heaven

We tried to get a late-ish bus to spend a leisurely morning at the lodge, saying goodbye to the river, but after an hour's wait and news that the bus (coming from Vietnam) had some sort of mechanical problem that needed fixing we went round the corner to another agency to book a taxi (the last buses from all agencies of the day from all agencies had gone). Life's too short to wait around for dodgy buses.

Sihanoukville is an endless array of hotels, restaurants and pubs, with a few shops, massage/tattoo parlours and tour operators in between. Once you get through the real part of town to the tourist area that is. It is faintly reminiscent of the Costa del Sol. Near the main part of town is a large beach, served from end to end by a string of bars, mainly on the sand. Some even look pretty interesting, if only we could find a reliable babysitter...

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