Wat Pho

There is another long-term travel family at the hotel, with a girl aged about 7. Got chatting about the possible blockades on the roads to the airport. Nobody seems too worried. We're still not sure whether to get the train as it may not start on time to get us there. I doubt if there will be many protesters at 6am.

Saved a little girl from "drowning" at the pool. Would have had plenty of time to take my wallet out but in the heat of the moment I just jumped in; a quick dry in the sun sorted it out. After that great news - Lucas has nits! They must be from Spain, we haven't been here long enough. Esther spent most of he day checking Aisha.

European lunch for the kids, just to make sure they get a decent amount of protein (they eat Thai food, but never enough it seems). Green curry for the adults. Together with the pad thai and yesterday's papaya salad that just leaves red and massaman curries to tick off the list of essential dishes.

Bought some postcards, though no writing yet as we went straight out to get a tuk-tuk to Wat Pho. The kids were impressed with the huge reclining Buddha, and spent hours of fun picking up coins from the floor and putting them back in the offering pots.

Still weekend so the market was in full swing again. This time Lucas chose to throw balls at cans to try and get a furry prize for Aisha. No luck, even though Esther also had a go.

Lessons learnt today: in general you can ignore Lonely Planet's advice on dressing up before visiting temples - there's no need to spend all day sweating like a pig as most sites (nearly all the ones on the tourist circuit) supply shawls and trousers when needed; also remember that electricity turns off from plugs (and therefore chargers) when you take the hotel key out (we actually knew this from using the baby phones round Spain) so charging should be done at night.

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