Wat Arun

The whole family had anti-nit shampoo this morning, followed by a good session of the metal comb. We'll repeat the procedure in a weeks time, though maybe I'll have shaved my head by then and be exempt.

Got the boat to Wat Arun today. Missed the pier we were supposed to get off because of the crowd, so we got off at the next one and had to come back. Wat Arun offered a new experience to the kids (they are calling all the temples "bottom pinchers" because of all the spiky towers - if you remember the carpet fliers in Where's Wally you'll know why), you can climb up this particular bottom pincher. The last set of steps are a bit hairy, especially if you are carrying a three-year-old up with you, plus a rucksack plus a camera.

Had a longer chat with the other travelling family at the hotel, they recommended a Facebook group "families on the move" which had all sorts of resources, help, recommendations and contacts. After that the whole family had a foot massage in Kao San-ish road. Lucas thought it was great. Aisha fell asleep after 5 minutes, which we also take as a thumbs-up. Early to bed, tomorrow we get up at 5am to catch a flight to Krabi.

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