Railay or bust

It all started well. As from the 13th there are barricades at various points in Bangkok to protest over the political situation. There were even calls to try and blockade air traffic somehow but the government threatened 15 year's jail for whoever tried to pull that one off so I guess that put a dampener on it. We were debating whether to risk it as we had a very early flight on the 14th or go by train. As it turns out by train would have been a disaster as it would have taken us to the wrong airport. From the cab we saw some barricades but after a bit of driving round them we got to our flight with plenty of time.

It was at Krabi we experienced a bit of an Epic Fail. Turns out our hotel was a dump in a dump on the mainland, not on Railay as expected, and with no English-speaking staff to boot. Diamond Resort and Diamond Cave Resort and Diamond Private Resort can be a bit confusing on TripAdvisor when you are in a hurry. Luckily they are all part of the same group and after a quick phone call we had sorted out a room at Diamond Cave Resort on Railay (at double the price, but that's expected as everything is more expensive there), so apart from running around for a bit in taxis there was no harm done. Travelling wouldn't be worth it without these little adventures. Or at least it wouldn't be as interesting. It's in these situations I give thanks we are travelling relatively light, and with the right packs.

Unhappily for Aisha she fell, twice, on her knees so she was lead back home for a bit or comfort cartoons. Lucas and I spent some boy time on the main beach. Soon both were fast asleep, the 6am wake-up call took it's toll.

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