Chiag Dao

Continuing with the plan to slowly make our way to Chiang Rai. First stop: Chiang Dao, a dusty little town popular with Thais escaping Chiang Mai. There is a cave we can visit, and also an agricultural research station with a bonsai garden. It has good trekking areas, with a big mountain and a natural park with waterfalls nearby, both out of our league.

We were better prepared this time even though our driver took it very easy and, sure enough, Aisha let forth her breakfast yogurt an hour into the trip. She actually went for another when we were nearly at Chiang Dao which caught us by surprise. I think it's time we got some carsickness medicine.

Our accommodation is amazing. It is quite beautiful, with lots of heavy wood, though with slightly naff touches in the cowboy / Jack Daniels / Harley Davidson department which seem out of place but apparently the well-to-do Thais love. We have beds for all this time, no sleeping on the floor. It covers a vast area with lakes and gardens, and looks completely empty. It caters mainly to Thais (we are pretty off the Westerner beaten track), especially businessmen and company events. As the day passed we saw a few other people turning up. We are quite far from Chiang Dao so we just spent the evening here.

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