Visit to the zoo

Met a nice family over breakfast. They have a girl a year older than Lucas and a boy a year older than Aisha. They have been travelling for a few months round New Zealand and Australia and have been in Thailand for a few days and were looking for kiddie things to do round Chiang Mai. After convincing them Pai (a small village a bit further North) was a great place (I hope it still is after 9 years) we all arranged our mini-buses to go there on Friday. We leave a bit later as we already have our accommodation sorted out. Then we all agreed to go to the zoo together, as backup in case we wouldn't be able to deliver on the elephants. Chiang Mai zoo is quite good, with lots of different animals and plenty of space for them. Also, for many of them, you can buy some food and feed them. My favourite were the hippos.

Andy and Anna had already been to the night market so we had a go. Lucas thought it was pants as there was nothing to shoot (Bangkok has set the standard too high for night markets), only food and souvenirs. Bumped into them again on the way back and arranged to go tomorrow to Lampang's elephant sanctuary, about an hour and a half south. It seems to be what we want: riding, show and watching them get cleaned. It's also one of the better-run places (both government and king are behind it - 7 of the 11 royal elephants live there).

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