Chillin' in Railay

Ah, the laid-back life of the beach bum. Been so busy doing nothing that it's been three days without a blog post.

Having covered Aisha head to toe in Mercromina (a popular topical antiseptic in Spain) which stains the skin red she now looks like she has just come off a battlefield. That plus kisses seems to have done the trick but whenever she breaks into a trot both parents scream out "don't run" - the idea being she doesn't fall on her knees for at least a couple of days so they heal properly. The floors here, when not sand, are a vicious mix of cement and gravel, similar to my playground at school.

Speaking of school, we are keeping abreast of homework, more or less. In the morning we sit by the pool and do a few pages of our schoolbooks in between swims. Lucas needs a bit more catching up to do, and Aisha has nearly finished her book (so I don't know exactly how much she has actually retained), we've just been unable to get her to concentrate on quality over quantity.

Railay is a rock-climbing haven so we went into a few places to ask about prices. We wanted to get Lucas to give it a try but they only seem to do half-day sessions as a minimum, and 4h seems a bit much - he'd definitely loose interest after a couple of hours. In the end we convinced him to get a body-board instead. A couple of days later I found a place which did 2h, but didn't specialise in children (though they could have borrowed the equipment) but by then it was too late.

After a bit of beaching, when the tide was down, we crossed over to Ton Sai, the rock-climbing beach at Railay. Lucas did a spot of bouldering and then we ogled at a few of the climbers. We spent the evening between East and West (Railay Central) at a bar which had free films on for kids. There Aisha had another nasty fall, this time whacking her chin. Dunno what's up with this girl lately. Dinner next door, even though delicious, wasn't 100% success either...


  1. Perhaps it's an idea to buy Aisha some sort of plimsole lace-up shoes. I think she may be falling because she is wearing the wrong shoes?? She's normally so steady on her feet, especially when she is running. For what it's worth.... xxm

  2. Oh, sorry - forgot to add that I'm pleased you're feeling better, Josh. I suppose an upset tummy is par for the travelling course. Annie may contact you, she has plans to return to Thailand soon so you may meet up. I've given her the blog-details xxm