Cave and Thaton

Decided to push on to Thaton. By private taxi minibus again, it's great when there are 8 of you. Stopped off to see the caves first, and they were definitely worth it. The main cave is illuminated, but there are 3 other galleries you need to explore with a guide, "volunteers" from the village who carry a gas lamp and point out the various rock shapes (as well as stop you from getting lost). There are a couple of pretty small holes to squeeze through which gave it all a sense of potholing.

The trip was uneventful, Aisha's stomach stayed put at long last. The roads here are much less windy than Pai's. Did the whole stretch without stopping. Our hotel at Thaton had seen better days, but would do for a night while we decide the next move: straight to Chiang Rai (by boat or by road) or stop at Mae Salong, a Chinese village, for Chinese new year.

Lesson learnt today: when off the beaten track always carry toilet paper with you.

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