Family climbing fun

I took the morning session while Esther looked after the kids. Started alone with my guide Sen but a Canadian guy called Patrice joined after I had done the first climb. Gosh it's been a while! After a few climbs my forearms were burning. I actually did better than expected (which isn't the same as saying I did well). Esther & the kids arrived too late to take photos as they had been delayed with the drama of Lucas getting scratched by a cat (nothing serious).

Talking over lunch we decided to try out that place I saw that does 2h, for Lucas. We really want to see how he does and if he likes it, with the idea of maybe getting him a child harness. Even though they didn't have the equipment they rented id from next door. Booked him in for the afternoon.

Took the kids for a rest (they got up at 7:30 today) and then went to see Esther climb for a bit. Then took Lucas to his session. He did much better than expected, pushing up well with his legs and grabbing on with his hands. Coming down was a bit of a problem bit that's just practise. He seemed to enjoy it, though after 2 half climbs lost interest. Esther came back just in time to see him on the second one (she was climbing with just Sen so in little over 2h was also out of forearms).

As we were close to Prabang beach we said our last goodbyes to the shoreline. Tomorrow we fly to Chiang Mai (up North) and it will be some time before we see a beach again. Then Lucas had a Skype session with his school posse; he's been missing them and it was great to see them all together chatting away about Angry Birds and other important matters.

Lesson learnt today: that noise in the morning is not a limestone cliff falling on the roof, it's a family of monkeys.

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