Fears about kids so far

Homesickness: some murmurs, mostly from Aisha, but no big deal so far. We've been away from home for a few weeks anyways, staying at both grandparent's houses.

Food, milk: plenty of not-too-funny-tasting food for the kids (and they have always loved plain rice), and in a pinch there is always western food to hand (and there will continue to be for most of the places we visit I suspect), the only lack is vegetables (but they have never been fans) though the fruit makes up for that; I also thought finding milk would be a problem in Asia, but at least in Thailand there always seems to be a 7-eleven nearby.

Poo: no tummy upsets as yet.

Mosquitoes: only a couple of bites in 5 days, though there aren't many mosquitoes in the capital.

Heat: no problems - if these kids can handle Southern Spain in August they can handle Bangkok.

Stamina: after the first day we got to grips with the right pace for moving around end visiting sites; even so the kids are knackered by the time we get back to the hotel, and sometimes a bit grumpy.

We seem to be doing just fine so far!

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