Too windy by half

It's way to windy here. Went down to the beach this morning and Aisha was not impressed, though at least I had a nice stroll with Lucas. Sea is too rough, sand rips into your legs, and the beach is pretty narrow. Virtually everybody sunbathes from the safety of their hotel. Definitely not recommended for family fun. As we have no inclination to take up kitesurfing we have no plans to do a course.

Stupidly we paid for 5 nights at the hotel in advance as they asked us to. Just before we saw a notice in the room "please pay by 18:30 the day before checkout". We will cut our losses and move on a day earlier. At least we have the dunes tour to look forward to.

We now have our flight to New Zealand. We leave Hanoi on the 29th (of March), arriving at Sydney the next day. There we will stay for a few days and then catch a direct flight to Queenstown on the 5th of April. The current plan gives us 45 days in New Zealand, and 90 in USA and Canada, which means flying from New York around mid-August. Probably to London for a week or so before heading South back to Spain.

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