Hon Chong II

There is an amazing 5-star water park here which we had promised the kids, but it has amazing 5-star prices. Luckily we found a less-than-amazing cheap and cheerful alternative to fulfil our parental obligations. We have left it for the last day to miss the weekend crowds.

Which leaves today to fill with activities somehow. Looked at another beach to the South, over 20km away and probably not worth it. So we decided to check out the local beach, maybe a different spot closer to the centre of town. It was a no-go, the waves were bigger than ever and there was a lot of wind. Decided to go to the same place as yesterday. There it was great again, the wind and sea were much calmer. The kids used to complain every time we mentioned the beach (once there they were fine), but they have stopped doing so lately.

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