Family friendly beach

Kissed a nights' hotel goodbye in exchange for more time at the family-friendly beach town of Nha Trang. A worthwhile sacrifice we hope. The hotel didn't offer us any money back but that's understandable as they have a massive sign at reception saying "sorry, no refunds". Next time we will just not pay in advance.

This time we had insisted on bottom bunks in the sleeper bus. We got them. It was so much better than the previous trip. And the WiFi worked as well so I could wile away the hours with useful activities such as booking our accommodation in Sydney, filling out the eVisitor forms, and checking out the possibility of visiting the Blue Mountains.

We got here after sundown (18:30) but Nha Trang looks nice. Touristy but not as much as expected. Quickly visited the night market for tomorrow's presents and then had a nightcap at a place with love music so the kids could let off a bit of steam after the 5 hours bus ride. Spent some time explaining Another Brick in the Wall to Lucas, and how some songs had lyrics with a story or a message, while Aisha got adopted by a Russian lady on the dance floor.

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