Crazy house and Datanla Falls

Looking for a taxi we ended up at the old train station. While there we booked our train for tomorrow (a short 8km journey down a surviving bit of track to a nearby village) as it gets fully booked. From there we drove to the Crazy House, a really mad construction on the other side of Dalat. It is a cross between Gaudi and Giger, with maybe a bit of Dali and Escher thrown in. I'm glad we didn't book a room here though - I guess it can get really annoying with all the visiting tourists and the winding walkways with room just for one person (and sheer drops down below). But for a short visit it's great, even though you have to hold your kid's hand all the time - even without a person coming in the opposite direction the walkways are tricky.

From there we caught another taxi to Datalna Falls, the closest waterfalls to town about 7km away. Had a great ride to the first waterfalls on a sort of bobsleigh down a metal rail track. You control the brakes so you can go as fast or as slow as you like (as long as you keep a 25m distance to the bobsleigh in front). Esther rode with Lucas in the first sleigh and I with Aisha right behind.

The first set of falls are OK, but then you can take a cable car and lift further down to a second set. We liked these much more as there were many less people milling around - we were virtually on our own. The kids went skinny dipping in the (pretty cold) river for a while and then we headed back up to our waiting taxi - they are pretty happy to hang around for you if you go out of town.

With all missions of the day completed we just hung around the market for a bit and then we took the kids for a treat to the children's play area at the shopping mall.

It looks like we have made an expensive mistake concerning New Zealand. We knew the flight to Auckland would be over 400 euros cheaper (for the four of us) than Queenstown, but we want to explore the South island first before Autumn sets in. Since it would take 3 days intensive driving paying a bit more made sense. But now we have realised campervan rental prices are more expensive in the South, so not starting in Auckland looks like a much costlier affair.

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