Good night, sleep tight, hope the bed bugs don't bite

Well it had to happen eventually. Not that we have been sleeping in rotten fleabags, but neither have we slept in the Ritz. Last night we discovered we had bed bugs. The kids were already asleep so moving hotel wasn't an option. We might have tried moving room but our hotel was fully booked. All we managed was get the sheets and pillows changed (they were very apologetic), move the mattresses a bit away from the headrests (where the bedbugs seemed to be coming from) and put the pillows at the other end of the bed. Even so we saw a few more during the night, though nobody seemed to get any bites (or maybe just a couple).

Spent the morning looking for a new hotel. I know hotels can't be fully responsible for what guests bring into the rooms by accident but we definitely didn't want to stay in the same room, and just in case not even the same hotel. In the end we were lucky (but somebody else was unlucky): even though the hotel in front was fully booked the manager had fallen in love with Aisha and she diverted one of her incoming guests into another hotel for the first night. Our ex-hotel in fact. This is one of the many benefits of travelling with children.

Our plans in tatters, after moving hotel we did a bit of tourism in town. All in a bit of a rush as we had semi-promised the kids a bit of cinema. We assumed there would be more cinemas or shopping malls with cinemas or people who knew where the nearest cinema was but instead we just ambled around aimlessly for a couple of hours. Saw the municipal theatre, Notre Dame Cathedral and People's Committee Building (all from the outside) until we hit our first cinema. Sadly only 4 screens, none showing children movies. But we got directions to another cinema a short taxi drive away (actually closer to our hotel). The Lego Movie was on, but it was an hour in and the next show wasn't until nighttime, so we promised it for tomorrow.

Lesson learnt today: learn to cross the road Cambodia/Vietnam style or you won't be seeing anything in Saigon.

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